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The Nigeria International Investment Conference

(Bridging the Gap of the digital divides) will focus on the following:


  • Nigeria Airways commercial / Cargo Aircraft Lease and Management / air traffic control assembling and Manufacturing of Spare parts and Airport Security with Surveillance Technology powered with solar/ Wind as alternative sources of energy.
  • Mining, Oil and Gas.
  • Diversification of the Economy.
  • Energy Infrastructure Development: Solar / wind / E-grass planting and waste to wealth as alternative sources of energy.
  • Water Infrastructure Development: mass sterilized/ clean water provisions for all Nigerian.
  • Agriculture infrastructure / mass food production, using mechanized modern farming equipment.
  • Home land Security and National Police Infrastructure/ customs (Border Control, seaport and coastline patrol, population and traffic surveillance, E-government network).
  • Information and Communication Technology: Fixed lines to advantage of the former NITEL customers, Internet / Broadband technology, WIFI / WIMAX technologies to decongest the GSM gateways, thereby eliminating drop calls among the telecommunications operators and renewing customers confidence in the industry.
  • Waste Management: Heavy equipment, construction of facilities to collect and process waste, Bio-Mass development and producing crude oil using waste materials.
  • Real Estate, Mass Housing for all Nigerians, legal residents and Commercial Property Development:
  • Education and Training: Primary / Secondary / University / Technical and Trade school / Skills acquisition programs for the internally displaced people all over Nigeria./ computer and telephone repairs etc.
  • Nigeria Textile Companies Rehabilitation and Modernization:
  • Product Manufacturing, Assembling and Export using (AGOA) facilities in the United States of America. etc.